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Giving Traning for Bio-chemic

Bio-chemic Swasthya West Bengal/Bio-chemic Education Grant commission
INDIAN BIO-CHEMIC ACT-2009 RULES-2009 Function of Bio-chemic education grant commission services to establish and administrator bio chemic medical education and medical technical courses, control bio chemic universities and bio chemic councils and bio chemic health departments all over india, bio chemic education grant commission can permit certificates to establish universities, councils medical colleges, medicines research institutions and medical boards etc all over India. services providing and training to establish and administrator of bio-chemic education, providing bio-chemic pharma copeia and education books, medical technical courses, providing bio-chemic council university, medical colleges, institutes. To Serve education, treatment & social welfare to all.

University of Bio-chemic Swasthya West Bengal
(Established by INDIAN BIO-CHEMIC ACT-2009 RULES-2009) Administration office;Bakshi Lane,Bowbazar;P.O-Krishnanagar,Dist-Nadia



Admission senario

Bio-chemic Education Grant Commission

Admission Going on:-
D.B.M.S. / B.M.B.S. B-Pharm(Bio) Contact for Admission :- The State Bio-chemic Medical Council Working Office :- Dabrapara, P.O. - Santipur, Dist - Nadia (W.B.) Tel:- 9046825206

Next Courses:-
M.D. (Bio) Phd (Bio) P.Ed (Bio) M. Pharm (Bio)


Santipur Bio-chemic Medical College

Aff. T.S.B.M.C. & B.E.G.C.


Honorary Advisors of Centre

President:- Dr.Shyamal Dutta

Vice President:- Smt. Swapna Dutta

Secretary:- Sri Protul Kr. Saha

Joint Secretary:- Dr. Gopinath Sen

TCBMC (The Central Bio-chemic Medical Council)

Function: Services to establish and counselling Bio-chemic Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses, First Aider, Medical Related Practitioners & Technicians, and biopathy, Bio-chemic & co-related Homoeo treatment, chemical research & legal services.Providing foods and Drinks.Beauty Care.





















Course Details

Make India Educated

Course Name
a) B.M.B.S b) First Aid c) B.pharm d) M.D(Bio) e) PHD(Bio) University Address :- Dabrapara, P.O. - Santipur, Dist - Nadia (W.B.) Tel:- 9046825206

a) B.M.B.S-Bachelor of medicine & Bio-chemic Surgery. Qualification-H.S(10+2)passed/Equivalent. Course Time -4 years . House staff ship-one year (every student will get stipend) Admission fee- Rs.9500/- per year,monthly tution fee-rs-1200/ Rs-1000/(only B.P.L) Total seat-65.Age Limit-18-45years. b) First Aid :Qualification 10th passed/equivalent.Admission fee Rs-6000/per year,monthly tution fee-rs-1200/Rs -1000/(only B.P.L) COURSE Time- one year . Total seat-60.Age limit-18-45 years c) B.pharm-(Bachelor of pharmacy) Qualification-H.S(10+2)passed /Equivalent. Course Time-3 years Admission fee- Rs-9500 Age limit 18-45years d) M.D(Bio)-Doctor of medicine Bio-chemic(Post graduate) Qualification-M.B.B.S/B.B.M.S/B.H.M.S Etc. Student to be selected by B.E.G.C Total seat-10.Age Limit-25-35. e) PHD(Bio)-Doctorate of Philosophy in bio-chemic Qualification-M.D/Equivalent. Student to be selected by B.E.G.C Total seat-5. f) Other Course,-if nessessary Contact us


TSBMC (The State Bio-Chemic Medical Council)

Function: Counselling Bio-Chemic medical related courses, Bio-Chemic co-related Homoeo traning, chemical medicines traning, providing pharmacy book, medical books,bio-chemic medical colleges, Universities, Institutions etc.






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